FastScore v1.3

Listen to CTO Stu Bailey talk about the fundamental value of analytic deployment.  Run time 3:24

Listen to CTO Stu Bailey talk about a key abstraction for deployment:  Model Configuration.  Run time 4:06

FastScore is the world's only purpose built software platform to enable enterprise-wide deployment of data science assets.  Leveraging modern enterprise architecture design, and industry leading capabilities, FastScore enables a true Analytic Deployment Environment.  Analytic Deployment Environments provide unprecedented flexibility to implement and capture value from analytic assets, regardless of the data science tool set or the underlying data infrastructure.  

With built in support for many leading data science languages, as well as common data infrastructure configurations, FastScore allows teams to focus on the task at hand.  No longer do the data scientists need to worry if their model can be implemented in the IT stack.  And the IT team can rest assured they have the simple capability to manage, expand and scale services as the enterprise analytics footprint grows.  FastScore enables true freedom and flexibility to monetize data science assets like never before.

Support Common Data Science, DevOps and IT Configurations

FastScore supports many common data science and IT infrastructure configurations.  With new tool support being added all the time, having an agnostic Analytic Deployment Environment means enterprises can stay current with technology, and avoid single vendor or tool lock-in.  FastScore supports analytics at the "speed of the enterprise" meaning whether it's real-time streaming telematics from an IOT application or a credit risk score which needs updating in batches, the use case neutral scoring engine has you covered.