Open Data Group is the leader
in analytic model deployment


Check out our latest white paper! This white paper covers some of the biggest challenges and opportunities analytic executives face when building systems to monetize analytic assets.

This white paper summarizes key trends and challenges including:

  • Heterogeneous data science tool box
  • Analytic deployment
  • Difference between analytic creation and deployment

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Open Data
Listen to CTO Stu Bailey talk about the fundamental value of analytic deployment. Run time 3:24
Open Data
Listen to CTO Stu Bailey talk about a key abstraction for deployment: Model Configuration. Run time 4:06

FastScore enables enterprise-wide deployment of data science assets at scale.  With a core set of abstractions and interfaces, FastScore enables success for Data Science, Business and IT teams. 


Support all the most important and widely used Data Science Languages and Model Formats

FastScore supports most common data science languages and seemlessly integrates to your IT infrastructure configurations by leverarging the Docker ecosystem for micro-services