Open Data Group is proud to announce the FastScore v1.1 release. At its core, FastScore is an analytic deployment environement, enabling organizations to iterate and deploy more models into production faster. FastScore enables an agnostic environment in terms of both data infrastructure and data science languages.

New for FastScore v1.1 includes these key features and capabilities:

  • R and Python models are now supported by the new Engine-X service
  • Engine-X supports model "attachments," a method of providing additional data, modules, or objects to an R or Python model
  • Asynchronous notifications in Pneumo: FastScore 1.1 includes a new library (Pneumo) to enable asynchronous communication between the FastScore microservices.

The Analytic Engine

  • Analytic infrastructure and modeling language agnostic

  • Easily deployable anywhere as Docker Microservices

  • One time integration allowing for easy model deployment

  • Access to all command functions via Command Line Interface (CLI)

Model Management Microservices

  • A user-friendly dashboard that centralizes model control

  • Performance metrics to measure the functionality of the model  

  • Connect to any data type (ex. files, Kafka, and HTTP)

Empower AnalyticOps

  • FastScore’s analytic engine bridges infrastructure and modeling language barriers, reducing time-to-deployment.

  • Docker Microservices allows complete flexibility to run multiple models simultaneously and control compute scale up and out requirements.

  • The dashboard provides the AnalyticOps specialist with useful metrics to monitor a model’s overall lifecycle, quality, and effectiveness.