Comprehensive data science strategy

Does your organization know the most common reasons why data science projects fail to deliver value? Do you have experience with deploying complex models into production? Open Data Group has been providing leading edge comprehensive data science strategic consulting for more than a decade. We have led efforts in Fortune 100 companies to bring the most cutting edge analytic capabilities to production. We can help your enterprise jump start any data science effort, and streamline the process by leveraging our best practices.

Outsourced model development

Let’s face it, many organizations are not built to, nor ready to capture value from, internal efforts to build cutting edge predictive models. In fact, Open Data Group believes that model development in certain situations is better off with a partner that can truly look at the organization and business problem with fresh perspective. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies in a variety of verticals to do just that, resulting in excellent value capture for the organization.  



Predictive modeling infrastructure

Building infrastructure to support real-time (or near real-time) analytics is a new practice. Organizations often have to consider complex choices including open source, private software or even as-a-service models. When you combine the infrastructure factors to consider, with the velocity of the business, teams may be forced into less than ideal positions. Customers benefit by leveraging the insight from our team, which is gleaned through dozens of architecture types, across a variety of verticals.