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    Case Study: Building a Digital Native Bank from the Ground Up

    We are proud to share that one of our customers will be presenting at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, FL On Tuesday, March 19. Boris Mizhen, CDO at Exos Financial will be talking about doing the impossible! He'll share Exos' story of building a bank based on a machine learning infrastructure entirely in the cloud, instilling an analytics and data first culture in their financial institution. If you're interested to learn how they did it, please register and we will send you them after his session.


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    Deployment for Data Science

    Any model, any language, deployed.  Period.




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    Native microservice deployment for analytics.


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    Data Science

    Data Science teams work hard to create value-add AI and ML models that impact the line of business. If these models never make it to production, the investment is lost. FastScore provides a uniform way to engage each modeling team across all lines of business, document the release process for a model, and create a seamless transition to downstream systems. Learn How


    ITIT leadership is being tasked with building scalable infrastructure that supports the growing effort to leverage AI and Machine Learning models. FastScore provides instant capability to deploy every model, as a microservice, providing flexibility across infrastructure, data, and downstream application requirements. Learn How

    Business ProfessionalsBusiness teams look to leverage their data to generate insights and value for the enterprise. Success requires a partnership with technical teams, and strategic intent to ensure operational excellence. FastScore provides unique end to end model telemetry for AI and ML models that operate the business. Learn How