Introducing FastScore™ From Open Data Group

Making Analytic Deployment a Core Competency For Your Business.


Solving Today’s Analytic Deployment Challenges

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Today’s analytic deployment process is broken. Models are becoming more common, more complex, and more important than ever to your business. Our FastScore™ product allows analytic teams to build models in any environment they choose, then provide IT professionals software helping them deploy quickly with control and confidence.
We start with the analytic team to IT hand-off and support deployment through every step in the process. No more recoding. No loss of performance. No schema too complex. IT professionals finally have the tools they need to deploy models into production quickly, scale their use, maintain security and SLAs, and iterate rapidly.

How FastScore™ Fits In



Open Data Group is the pioneer and leading provider of Analytic Deployment Technology – we call it FastScore™

  • Fastscore is a software solution bridging the analytic deployment gap that exists today between analytic and IT teams
  • We automatically re-code models into your preferred language, manage multiple input and output streams simultaneously, and support both analytic and predictive model schemas easily
  • We offer fully featured support for multiple environments simultaneously - cloud, on premise, or hybrid
  • We integrate with your existing IT environment seamlessly leveraging a combination of open source technology and a micro-services deployment approach 

FastScore™ Key Features

Our software was developed over 2 years by a world-class team of Data Scientist and IT professionals led by world renown experts Bob Grossman CDO and Stu Bailey CTO. We are the most advanced solution in market today with dozens of important features including:

  1. Model Deploy providing coding support for any language including Python, R, SAS, Java, C#, H20, Matlab, and more with just the click of a button.
  2. Model Manage using a micro-services deployment approach helping IT easily control production and handle multiple input and output streams simultaneously. 
  1. Model Compare helps IT and Analytic teams compare the detailed performance of any two models in or out of production, isolate performance issues, and iterate models rapidly.
  2. Micro-services technology provides simultaneous portability across any environment, cloud, on prem, or hybrid, helping you scale and increase the number of models in production

We Integrate With Any Production Environment

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FastScore™ seamlessly integrates into your existing stack. Our open source approach combined with a micro-services deployment model eliminates the need for a monolithic enterprise deployment that locks you in for years and creates more overhead and work for IT. Open Data Group simplifies your work and offers you control! We are adding new integrations everyday, so if you don’t see the one you need here, let us know. We routinely work with our community to future proof analytic deployment as new technologies emerge.