Let Analytic Teams Create;

Let IT Control Production

Our Technology Supports Model Creation Using Any Language, Environment, or Schema Regardless of IT Production Requirements.

Create and Update Models In Any Language

Open Data Group provides multi-language support allowing candidate models in any language to fully perform in production with the click of a button.  Today we support a dozen languages including R, Python, Javascript, C#, SAS, H2O, MatLab, and more.

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Easily Deploy Complex Analytic and Predictive Models

Creating models is hard enough – deploying them shouldn’t be.  We move 100% of your models into production supporting four upload techniques: Standard SDK, RESTful API, Command line, or customizable approaches. Even the most complex machine learning or big data schemas are quickly and easily deployed. Most importantly, our micro-services technology allows you to input data, execute code, process data, and output results within any IT environment now and in the future.

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Iterate Quickly For Better Models & Easy Maintainence

Our customizable monitoring tools allow you to track the detailed performance of production models and compare the performance of new candidate models without risk to IT security or SLAs.  Iterations and updates are seamless, targeted, and secure with minimal human resource impact.