What is AnalyticOps?

What is AnalyticOps
What is AnalyticOps
What is AnalyticOps

As data science investments expand and develop, expectations on their insights are also growing. However, most organizations lack the organization and operational tools to maximize benefits from these investments. AnalyticOps is in essence the lynchpin of an organization that connects data science, IT, and business teams. With AnalyticOps, companies are equipped to achieve the best ROI for their data science investments.

Insights from analytics


  • Clearly defined organizational responsibility for data science deployments

  • Organizational efficiency, allowing data science and IT teams to focus on their own responsibilities

  • Establish safe, repeatable processes for managing data science assets

  • See greater returns on data science investments

Insights from analytics

Core Responsibilities

  • Simplify the model deployment process and make deployment independent of model format and data stream types

  • Compute scale up and out with minimal disruption to the flow of business

  • Manages data science model lifecycles

  • Ensure model quality  on live streams of data is satisfactory

  • Assess total model costs based on accuracy and computational resources

Insights from analytics


  • An Analytic Engine is integrated into a system where it runs new and updated analytic models into operational workflows.


  • Analytic Engines like FastScore streamline the AnalyticOps role, organizing all its capabilities for maximum value.


  • FastScore contains the features required to enable the core responsibilities of the AnalyticOps role, and therefore unlock the benefits to an organization


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