Live Webinar - Streaming vs. Batch Models


On Demand
Duration:  45 minutes

Does your organization have plans to deploy both batch and streaming models as part of your analytic portfolio? Does your team understand the differences in batch and streaming strategies, and the underlying advantages and challenges to deploy each type of model? Open Data Group, the analytic deployment leader, is holding a live webinar to cover the topic of batch vs streaming analytics. This live webinar, led by Open Data's Zdravka Cankova, will explain both analytic types, typical use cases for each, as well as the best way to deploy these analytics in production.

Our webinar will focus on providing 4 key takeaways:

  • Understand batch and streaming approaches, common use cases for each, and tips for deployment
  • Learn how to create a batch and streaming rule-based analytic in Python
  • Learn how organizations can use FastScore to enable simple deployment for both batch and streaming models in a common environment
  • Demo of a deployed batch and a streaming analytic looking for anomalous spikes in network traffic patterns

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Zdravka is a data scientist at Open Data Group. A graduate of Northwestern University with an MS in Biomedical Engineering, Zdravka has performed research on targeted drug delivery and modeling mass transport in biological tissues. At Open Data, she has worked on network security analytics and developed tools to operationalize statistical models within client environments.