ASA Datafest

Garrett Long March 14, 2017

ODG is happy to announce our sponsorship and participation in two ASA Datafest events this spring. ODG will work with the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH and Loyola University in Chicago, IL to help students get the most from their weekends.  Our relationship with Datafest started last year, where we both mentored and judged the 2016 event at Loyola University.  It was a blast, and we were happy to see students really digging into the problem and finding unique solutions.

This year we will again be at Loyola Univ, judging and mentoring, and providing support at OSU as well.  We are happy to have a few members of our technical staff again join the students and help them learn the art of data science and analytics.  Best of luck to all the participants.

Topics: analytics, data science, datafest, Open Data Group, Analytic Deployment