Gartner & WIA Conferences Exit Poll

Garrett Long April 30, 2019

As we continue into our “Year of Model Operations”, I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the key things I observed, learned and shared over the last few weeks at both the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit March 18-21, 2019 in Orlando, as well as the Women In Analytics conference in Columbus.  Each conference provided a lot of value, both in the content provided by the speakers and the opportunities to connect with others in the space.

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The Year of Model Ops Series: A Customer Case Study

Garrett Long March 12, 2019

As a company focused on the relatively new space of Model Operations, part of the challenge we face is getting external public validation of the value we are bringing to the market.  Many factors help in this regard including growing analyst coverage like those from Gartner, Forrester and 451 Research, partnerships (like ours with TIBCO), and most importantly business growth.  In particular, it’s often a seminal moment when a customer stands up on a stage and talks about your product and solutions publicly.  And, I am proud to share that one such moment has come for us here at Open Data Group with one of our key customers, Exos Financial.

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The Year of Model Ops Series: Thoughtful Expansion into the Market

Garrett Long February 12, 2019

As we get further into 2019, “The Year of Model Operations”  I am happy to share two thoughtful moves further into our market.  One is centered on our participation in an upcoming conference, and the other shares our moves with an outstanding partner.

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Kicking Off 2019: The Year of Model Operations

Garrett Long January 15, 2019

Welcome to 2019 – a year we here at ODG are calling “The Year of Model Operations”.  Throughout the year, we will be bringing a wide array “how to’s”,  customer and partner case studies and use cases – examples of what it means to execute machine learning strategies into production.  It’s an exciting time, as we’ve seen the shift of the market from “what is model operations” to “how do I do model operations”.

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Simultaneous Python and R Deployment in FastScore [VIDEO]

Garrett Long June 7, 2017

run any model anytime regardless of its native data science language

Did you know FastScore, our agnostic analytic deployment engine, can run any model, any time, regardless of its native data science language?  Watch this 4 minute video, and see a gradient boosting machine model built in python, and the same model built in R, deployed to an AWS instance with three easy steps.  With the right abstractions, and leveraging microservices, you can easily deploy a model simply by:

  1. Loading models in any language into the scoring engine.
  2. Selecting an input stream that delivers data into the model.
  3. Selecting an output stream for where the data goes after scoring has been completed

Supported through both the FastScore dashboard and the command line, you are now able to load and started scoring models in minutes.

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FastScore Introduces Jupyter Integration

Garrett Long May 15, 2017

Maximize flexibility to design models and ensure they are ready for deployment.

We are excited to make placing models into FastScore simple.  Watch a step-by-step demo of our new Jupyter integration with Matthew Mahowald, Product Manager/Data Scientist.

A simple restful API with Jupyter allows you to verify how models are behaving before they are uploaded into FastScore engines.  Prepare and upload models, validate data schemas, identify potential production failures and errors, leverage your full data science stack, including libraries like Pandas and data.table, as well as validate, score and gain feedback.  Watch and get answers to our most frequently asked questions, and more.

  • What languages does the Jupyter platform support for FastScore?
  • Can I check and validate my models before uploading them to FastScore engines?
  • How can I ensure my model deploys before I hand it to the production team?

Jupyter integration allows the data science team maximum flexibility to design their models in familiar environments while simultaneously ensuring they are ready for deployment.   With Jupyter and FastScore you can test locally, and deploy globally.

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Analytic Deployment via FastScore Enables an Analytic Operations Center

Garrett Long May 5, 2017

Simultaneous analytic iteration and deployment with FastScore.  

In our first post in a series of video blogs, listen in as George from our engineering staff takes Brooke from our customer team through a demo of FastScore and creates an Analytic Operation Center.  In the demo, you will see two gradient boosting machine models deployed and scored in real time.  Both model instances are deployed in FastScore, then the two model inputs and outputs are combined in a dashboard using Grafana - and we can start to monitor the analytics scoring as well as some key performance metrics of the deployment.  Watch as they discuss several interesting concepts including:

  • How can you quickly change models in production from Python to R?  
  • What happens to the compute resources when I change model languages?
  • How can I leverage more analytic engines to increase scoring rates?
  • Are there differences in running models in Azure vs AWS?

Centralized deployment, iteration and monitoring of analytics enables an Analytic Operation Center for the business - a single place to understand, manage and extract value from the data science investment.

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ASA Datafest

Garrett Long March 14, 2017

ODG is happy to announce our sponsorship and participation in two ASA Datafest events this spring. ODG will work with the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH and Loyola University in Chicago, IL to help students get the most from their weekends.  Our relationship with Datafest started last year, where we both mentored and judged the 2016 event at Loyola University.  It was a blast, and we were happy to see students really digging into the problem and finding unique solutions.

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