Introducing FastScore 1.8 Functionality

Brendan Kelly September 13, 2018
Brendan Kelly

Open Data Group is excited to announce the release of our latest version, 1.8. This release includes functionality to address the new emerging needs we have identified in the market and feedback from our customers.  The new features in this release expand the functionality of the FastScore solution to meet the needs of an enterprise system at scale.

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Major updates and how we think they fit into our Model Development Life Cycle (MDLC) philosophy.

In FastScore 1.8, we have enhanced the integration with Github to help teams track and manage the assets a model needs. Store and manage models and required code to deploy in your GitHub repository and with a simple configuration change, point FastScore Model Manage to your desired branch. Data scientists can test and promote models using git that pass unit testing and hand off models ready for the next phase in its journey to production, leaving a trail of code changes and commits of the model along the way. Changes within FastScore or Github synchronize seamlessly back and forth. This allows teams to flow their models and assets through proper version control and release management processes using git. Check out the Github Integration.  

Security is vital as teams handle valuable Intellectual Property of the models and their assets. In 1.8, FastScore now supports Docker Secrets within the git integration to protect sensitive information and credentials. Credentials, data access, git branches, and other environment-specific variables can easily be parameterized and updated as the model travels from Dev to Production.


Other FastScore Enhancing Updates:


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What’s next for FastScore…

The next release will focus on continuing the expansion of functionality to support our enterprise clients. This includes improving role-based access control, multi-tenancy, and additional micro-services to manage the operational needs of a deployment platform. Stay tuned to learn more!