The Year of Model Ops Series: Thoughtful Expansion into the Market

Garrett Long February 12, 2019

thoughtful expansionAs we get further into 2019, “The Year of Model Operations”  I am happy to share two thoughtful moves further into our market.  One is centered on our participation in an upcoming conference, and the other shares our moves with an outstanding partner.

First up, let’s briefly discuss our participation at the Women in Analytics Conference 2019.  In the past, ODG has generally leaned towards customer focused marketing, and we have participated in external events only when we can share interesting technical information or speak about new methods for solving problems on model operations.  This is slowly changing in 2019, as we begin to increase our attendance at conferences within the industry, and align our philosophy and capabilities with events that are important to us.

This spring, for the first time, Open Data Group will be attending the Women in Analytics Conference in Columbus, Ohio on March 21st and 22nd. The Women in Analytics Conference provides a platform for women to speak about their work in analytics, and discuss the latest technologies, frameworks, and methodologies that have proven to be successful in the field. This conference is especially exciting for us here at Open Data Group because our very own Rehgan Avon is the founder of this event.

The main theme of the Women in Analytics Conference this year is ethics and algorithms. This is a topic that has become increasingly important in the field, and we are proud to bring some independent capabilities to this space.  In particular, our focus on model operations and model lineage is breaking new ground for the enterprise to understand and audit the history of each model deployed for use.  It’s the combination of this purpose, and our focus on it, that brings us to the show, and we are excited to share some of this product vision at the conference. To learn more about the Women in Analytics Conference and purchase tickets, visit their website here. For those in attendance, be sure to look out for Brooke Telander hosting our space in the AI Product Showcase on March 21st.

Next, I’d like to share another exciting development for ODG in 2019, the starting of a partnership with TIBCO. Similar to field marketing, partnership strategy for a smaller company is an interesting place to consider investing – I’ve seen partnerships power companies to great heights, and also simply suck energy away from teams that could have gone directly to customer and product investments.  That said I am very excited about TIBCO as a partner. 

This partnership was developed thanks to the efforts of Open Data Group CEO Pete Foley and TIBCO CAO Michael O’Connell. In the model operations space, even the most established providers need partners, and the combination of TIBCO and ODG capabilities is very exciting for scaling what it means to deploy models.  There will be much more to come from our partnership including demos, a webinar and participation in their TIBCO NOW series.  Stayed tuned as we build our 2019 plan together.

As the year of Model Operations progresses, I am excited to share more and more about our company, and the steps we are taking to shape Model Operations.  My next blog will focus on a customer story, and I can’t wait to share the details with you.  And in case you missed the January session, please check out a 3 part mini-class I held titled “ModelOps – Get it done”.  Hope to see you there. 

Topics: Machine Learning, Model Operations