AnalyticOps: Part 2 - What is an Analytic Anyway? cont.

Garrett Long May 19, 2016

or Is an “analytic” just a fancy term for a “business rule”? 

On Monday, I outlined my view of what makes “an analytic” and the jargon that goes along with it. I ended the post wondering whether “an analytic” is just another name for “business rules” that organizations tend to follow today. In my view, the main difference between the two, which might be no difference at all for a given situation, is that "analytics" are generally more complex mathematically and operate on a more general "feature space". This generalization allows rigorously developed techniques from statistics and applied mathematics to have a chance at being applied to a messy real world problem. 

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AnalyticOps: Part 1 - What is an Analytic Anyway?

Garrett Long May 16, 2016

Or is an “analytic” just a fancy term for a “business rule”? 

Over the next few blog posts, I am going to tackle the subject of AnalyticOps, a relatively new function that organizations are going to have to implement and master to ensure maximum ROI on data science investments.  I’ll start with some basics of defining just what is “an analytic” and move through some key elements of implementing the tools (an Analytic Engine) and the competencies that make up AnalyticOps.

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