Make Analytic Deployment a Competitive Advantage.

Increase Revenue. Improve Margins. Build Team Morale.

Turn Analytic Deployment Into a Core Competency

Today’s businesses are quickly transitioning from the era of big data insights to one of data activation. According to McKinsey, companies invested nearly $40B in analytic deployment in the last year, a number expected to increase 3x annually. To remain competitive, business leaders need to capture market opportunity by improving quality, activating more models, and iterating more quickly than the competition. Our analytic deployment technology is 100% focused on the seamless deployment of analytic and predictive models to drive more revenue for your business. 

Build an Efficient, Productive, and Collaborative Team

Analytic & IT professionals are hard to recruit and even harder to retain. Our Analytic Deployment Technology allows your team to work freely in any environment and create the best model possible for the business. Then, when a model is ready for hand-off, IT receives a production ready version that they can control, monitor, and scale easily.

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Integrate Easily & Future Proof Analytic Deployment

With more analytic and predictive models being deployed at ever increasing complexity, you need a point solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing stack and offers IT full control. Open Data Group’s Analytic Deployment Technology leverages a micro-services approach that integrates with any production environment now and in the future. Even better – we offer fully featured portability across any production environment – cloud, on premise, or hybrid – allowing you to scale, monitor, iterate, maintain security, and meet SLA requirements indefinitely.

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