FastScore™ Engine

Engine is the core component of FastScore™ that executes and scores a model.


FastScore™ Engine

Engine is the core component of FastScore that executes and scores a model. Each engine is easily customized to the specific execution environment that the individual model requires and is agnostic to the model language. Engine consumes and produces data through multiple methods of data transportation (REST, Kafka, ODBC, TCP, …). The Engine, containing an individual execution model, can be scaled for performance and monitored, and managed alongside any other microservice using your orchestration technology of choice.

FastScore™ Engine Benefits

  • Built in capabilities for monitoring performance metrics
  • Enforce data schemas between the model and input/output data
  • Agnostic to language, data transportation and infrastructure
  • Built in scalability infrastructure

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FastScore™ Engine Features




Allows for multiple input and output data connections




Easy configuration for any model environment




Supports multiple data encodings




Inter-engine scalability to easily create additional model instances




Supports multiple data transport connectors




Infrastructure agnostic that can run anywhere docker is supported