FastScore™ Manage

Manage component allows convenient access to analytic assets and injection of models directly into FastScore™ Engine.


FastScore™ Manage

As organizations generate more data science assets, across more business lines, the need to manage, version and track lineage will become increasingly import.  The Manage component allows convenient access to those assets, and injection of models directly into FastScore Engine. While Manage ships with the default backing store configured to a MySQL database, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel to manage and store assets. It’s possible, and likely preferred, to connect Manage to your existing code repository of choice (e.g. Git) to access your models and model dependencies and use them in your FastScore deployment configurations.

FastScore™ Manage Benefits

  • Integration with your current code repository
  • Access all code required to test and deploy
  • Full versioning control through code repository
  • Separates model assets from data dictionary assets (schemas, transport modes)

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FastScore™ Manage Features




Connects to existing backing stores (databases, code repositories, …)






Code is easily accessible when configuring a FastScore engine






Can allow for quick changes to the code during testing