How FastScore Integrates with Orchestration Services

Duration: 4:13 Minutes
Matthew Mahowald Lead Data Scientist speaks about how FastScore integrates with orchestration services like Kubernetes, Mesosphere, DC/OS and Cloud Foundry. In this video Matthew will show you how FastScore microservices dashboard runs through Kubernetes. Walk through the Kubernetes dashboard step-by-step to integrate FastScore.
  • A node is a Virtual Machine or physical computer that serves as a worker machine in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Each node has a “Kubelet” which is responsible for handling container operations on that machine
  • Pods (Collection of 1 or more Docker containers) live on nodes and are controlled by the Kubelet’s
  • Services are the “front end” to pods, and provide the layer that external users or other applications use to interact with pods
  • FastScore’s componants (Dashboards, Engine, Model Manage…) Can each be structured as a service
Using orchestration tools will allow you scale up FastScore and run complex features right from the Kubernetes dashboard.