Importance of Validating Data with

Your Models in Production using Schemas

Duration: 6:29 Minutes

How do you validate that the right information is being processed into your model?

Ensuring that all model information is accurate and robust is key to getting the output you want, but how do you make sure that the model and data (input / output streams) are passing through validation checks?

By using schemas, you can ensure that the right data is flowing in and out of your model in production and plan for model change and maturity, by separating data locations and data transport methods. Give your deployment the complete accurate flexibility of a modular set-up, and pinpoint issues and make sure your model works and allows for changes quickly in FastScore. In this video, you will learn how to.

  • Delete, upload and create new schemas through the dashboard and CLI

  • Format new and update schemas

  • Utilize schema features in Model Manage

  • Enter Schema information into models with smart comments

  • Write input and output schemas directly into FastScore using AVRO format, or upload a file

  • Reference the schemas in the model and streams for specific runs

These best practices will ensure that your new and mature models are being run correctly every time.