Input and Output Stream

Capabilities within FastScore

Duration: 6:34 Minutes

Incorporate different input and output streams into the FastScore engine and how streams work when deploying your model into production.

A stream contains all the information about feeding data into and out of your model. The stream reads messages from an underlying transport which could be a RESTful call, HTTP, Kafka, a file, or however you choose to transport your data. In this video you will learn how to manage streaming capabilities within FastScore.

  • How streams play into your model deployment process

  • Upload, use, and interchange streams within your model in an engine

  • Validate your streams against a schema

  • Interchange stream transport types from JSON to Kafka

  • Different ways to look at and add streams through the CLI and dashboard.

  • Streaming and batched data options within FastScore

These capabilities power your ability to easily deploy your model. Want to learn more about streaming, reference all documentation here.