Let Analytic Teams Create;

Let IT Control Production

Scale and Maintain Production Models with 100% Control, 100% Confidence – All with Incredible Efficiency and Quality.

Transition Your IT & Analytic Team Into a Revenue Generating Function

Open Data Group's Analytic Deployment Technology provides your team with a centralized, standardized location to upload models written in any language, detailing the most complex analytic and predictive model schemas, that automatically adhere to your production standards.  Eliminate handoff ambiguity and decreases the time to production from months to days.

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Integrate Seamlessly & Future Proof Your Analytic Deployment Technology

With more analytic and predictive models being deployed at ever increasing complexity, you need a solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing stack and provides IT full control. Open Data Group’s Analytic Deployment Technology leverages a micro-services approach that integrates with any IT environment now and in the future. Even better – we offer fully featured portability across any production environment – cloud, on premise, or hybrid – allowing you to scale, monitor, iterate, maintain security, and meet SLA requirements indefinitely.

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Iterate Quickly For Better Models & Easy Maintenance

Our customizable monitoring tools allow you to track the detailed performance of production models and compare the performance of new candidate models without risk to IT security or SLAs.  Iterations and updates are seamless, targeted, and secure with minimal human resource impact.

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