Cloud Based Analytic Automation

The Banking industry has forever changed.  Overcoming the fallout from the financial crisis and establishing better customer and market insight has become a focus for many financial firms.  With tighter regulatory oversight and savvier customers, rebuilding trust to ensure continued profitability has become paramount. Open Data Group provides banking institutions deeper insights through efficient model deployment, multiplying analytics through a variety of use cases at the bank.


Who: Financial services – Banking

The Goal: Disrupt traditional cost structures and architectures to enable instant, deep insights to both customers and the financial markets.

The Solution: Building a full digital, cloud based automated analytics workflow with best in class capability to create, iterate and deploy analytics bank wide.


Value of working together:

  • Development of a full analytic development life cycle to support all lines of business at the bank
  • Leveraging both data science services and analytic deployment software from ODG enables the bank to gain strategic advantage from application of advanced analytics
  • FastScore enables rapid iteration and adoption of advanced analytic models in the various lines of business at the bank.