Credit Reporting Microservices

Credit reporting companies face a unique challenge to combine and analyze data sources, then provide predictive scoring on consumer and business behavior.  As both data volumes increase and the window to make decision decrease, the credit companies have led the charge for more efficient and flexible analytic capabilities, such as enabling a hybrid compute infrastructure.  Open Data Group partners with credit reporting companies to modernize their analytics pipeline and capability.


Who: Credit reporting bureau

The Goal: Adopt a hybrid cloud Infrastructure and microservices strategy for improved performance, cost and flexibility, moving away from more rigid legacy infrastructure.

The Solution: Migrate mission critical analytics workloads to FastScore and implement a new analytic development life cycle process.


Value of Working Together:

  • FastScore seamlessly enables a hybrid compute infrastructure for analytic workloads, while simultaneously ensuring critical predictive model elements don’t change.
  • Core FastScore abstractions for models and data elements allow transition between batch, on-demand and real time applications.
  • Customer workflows combined with FastScore enable the fastest time to production for analytics.