Informed Trading & Financial Decisions

Making trades and financial decisions with up to date information is essential to ensure optimal market coverage and trade recommendations.  Open Data Group enables capital market institutions to develop a deeper understanding of calculated risk and profitability potential of assets and portfolio.


Who: Financial services – Capital markets

The Goal: Provide the municipal bond sales team up to date pricing information to recommend and execute trades.

The Solution: Modernize the pricing analytics pipeline, enabling faster iteration and delivery of critical decision data.


Value of Working Together:

  • Implement an analytic development lifecycle for the company that optimizes time to deliver new pricing models and pricing recommendations
  • FastScore provides a microservices based deployment pipeline, enabling faster iteration and adoption of new pricing analytics the municipal bond desk
  • Partner with all supporting organizations to provide an inclusive approach for model deployment, allowing each model to go through necessary security, regulatory and safety checks efficiently before being taken live