Guided Demo

Throughout this video you’ll learn about FastScore™ and it’s major functions and capabilities. The video covers several microservices including  FastScore™ Engine, Manage, Composer, and Deploy.  The timestamps below outline the contents of the video in more detail.  Enjoy! 





Time Stamp Directory (Skip around, we don’t mind):

00:00 – The Basics - What is FastScore? Learn core abstractions (models, schemas, streams), and how to deploy a model with FastScore Manage and our dashboard

10:00 – Jupyter integration - See how FastScore integrates with data science development environments like Jupyter, and how FastScore makes stronger connections between data science teams and production infrastructure

18:45 – Programmatic interfaces - Learn about our approach to open standards, and how to programmatically approach model deployment leveraging the FastScore CLI and SDK

23:30 – DevOps for Models - Learn how FastScore can be integrated to automatic schedulers and CI/CD workflows, enabling automation of re-training and promotion of models to production

29:00 – Scaling Models in Production – Learn how to scale and monitor models in production

35:49 – Building Workflows of Models – Learn how to use FastScore Composer to build analytic workflows with a visual UI